Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer car pickup services for all types of vehicles, including old and broken 4WD cars. Whether your car is in non-running condition or functioning, we are interested in buying it. We accept cars of any make and model, regardless of their condition.

We offer car pickups in Roma, QLD, as well as the surrounding areas.

When selling your car to us, we recommend that you hand in the registration plates to the nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads. Our tow truck drivers can assist in removing the plates for you during the pickup process.

Yes, we provide car buying services not only in Roma but also in various locations across Queensland and other states.

To provide you with an accurate quote for your car, we require the following car details:
● . Registration Number: Please provide the registration number of your vehicle, whether it is currently registered or expired.
● Odometer Reading: Let us know the current mileage or kilometer reading of your car.
● Reason for Sale: Inform us about the reason you are selling your car. Whether it’s an upgrade, downsizing, or any other reason, it helps us understand your selling motivation.

You can expect instant payment either in cash on the spot or through electronic fund transfer.

If you’re unsure about your car details, we can assist you in finding the necessary information for the quote. Please provide us with the registration number, whether it is current or expired, and we will help you retrieve the required car details.

We typically require a minimum notice of 2 hours for car pickups. However, to ensure smooth scheduling and better service, we recommend providing us with at least 2 days’ notice. This allows us to make necessary arrangements and provide you with the most convenient pickup time. Same-day pickups can be accommodated based on availability and location.

Welcome to Car Buyers Emerald, where we will buy all kinds of cars, including those that are old, damaged, or no longer in use. We offer competitive prices and a hassle-free process to make selling your car easy and convenient.
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